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Re: T.rex article on line

tonyc@foe.co.uk (Tony Canning) writes:

>New Scientist magazine now has a web site (http://www.newscientist.com)
>This week, there is an article on T. rex running speed, which you can view
>(after registering - it is free) on http://www.newscientist.com/ps/thisweek/

Nice article.  The summary is:

        Taking all these factors into account, Farlow's best estimate of
        T. rex's top speed is 35 kilometres per hour--about as fast as a
        world-class human sprinter and fast enough to catch many
        Cretaceous herbivores. 

He used a weight of 6 tons in his calculations.  I believe the
weight may well have been lighter than that, closer to 5 tons.

It says the complete analysis will appear in a future issue of JVP.
I look forward to it.

Achut Reddy                     So many fossils... so little time!