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Re: At least it's not Hotcrossbunodon

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>Subject: At least it's not Hotcrossbunodon
>Author:  forteana@lists.primenet.com at smtp-fhu
>Date:    3/10/1995 12:04 AM
>And now, the latest from the folks who brought you the genus
>_Thingodontus_ and the species _montypythonicus_, Oz paleontologists with
>far too much time on their hands. I'd love to see the faces of the
>Nomenclature Committee when another proposal from Riversleigh comes in.
>Sounds like they rejected _Hotcrossbunodon_, which was the proposal when
>this item appeared in ANH a few months back.

Just for the record Thingodonta was just a working name for a weirdo that
ended up being called _Yalkaparadon_ (weirdodonta was a working name for
another taxon) and _Monthypythonoides_ is about to be synomonised with
_Liasis_. Too much time on our hands? No, we call it a sense of humour.
I'ld explain the concept, only I haven't got time :-).

Cheers, Paul