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Sue and You

Concerning the pledge drive to "Save Sue for Science".
My response to Stan Friesen, Tamira, 'Dino' George Olshevsky, etc... is that 
if you are serious, let people contribute as much or as little as they feel 
able to- somewhere between $10 (as a student rate) and $50 (as a gainfully 
employed adult paleo wanna-be rate) sounds about right.  Maybe you could even 
have a corporate rate; there must be some company executives on this list that 
know a little about corporate charity contributions, either as employee 
matching or as outright gifts for tax write-offs.  Stress that it would/should 
be a one time only thing, and that the fossil will be donated to the Smitty.  
Maybe the museum would even entertain the idea of a small plaque listing the 
names of some of the donors (say $1000 and up).... or rename the fossil for 
the highest donor- we saw Candlestick park in San Francisco change it's name 
to 3-Com park for a cash incentive, so why not the 'Standard Oil Tyrannosaur'? 
Can you see mobs of children in schools across the country throwing coins into 
an internet-sponsored fund-drive for this beast?  If concerned people want 
this badly enough, I believe that it can be made to happen.  That being said, 
I will gladly donate $50 to the cause if it becomes real, and since my pal 
George is feeling a bit squeezed at present, I'll put in a little extra for 
him as well.