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Re: Pledge drive ? (was Sue and the president)

>From: Tamira@aol.com
 > Only problem I can see is the number of people who would be afraid to
 > contribute for fear that the attempt would only cause the person holding the
 > money to flee for South America....

So, get somebody "well-known" to hold the money.

 > and what if we DON'T raise a million?
 >  Does everyone get their money back or will it be understood that it can be
 > considered to be a contribution to further research.  

Well, to start, I would not even collect the money until we had enough
pledges to get into the right ballpark.  So, the only issue then is,
what happens if we lose the bidding?

 >  I can probably swing
 > $50.....just didn't want to make it too rich for the students and other
 > struggling people who read these things.

Of course there is no set contribution - each contributes what is
 > OK folks, lets hear from you all...an unofficial pledge drive.....
 > if we did
 > do this...how would you suggest it be done

First get the pledges, not just from here, but also from all appropriate
Usenet groups (sci.bio.paleontology, sci.geo.geology, and so on).

Then make arrangements for collection.  A special bank account would
be a good way to do this.  These can be gotten by forming a non-
profit organization to collect the money and getting a bank account
in its name. (You know, the Save Sue Foundation, or something like
that).  The pledges would then be sent as checks made out to the

Then the foundation President bids for Sue.

 > and how much would you be willing
 > to contribute.


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