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Re: At least it's not Hotcrossbunodon

In a message dated 95-10-03 10:51:27 EDT, colvint@FHU.DISA.MIL (Terry Colvin)

>(from the Brisbane Courier Mail 3/10/95, p2)
>A 100 million-year-old opalised jawbone found in Australia 
>could shed new light on the evolution of mammals.
>The rare fossil is from a distant relative of the platypus 
>and echidna.
>The jawbone, described by Dr Timothy F. Flannery of the 
>Australian Museum in Sydney and colleagues in the latest 
>issue of Nature Magazine, was discovered at Lightning Ridge 
>in the Coocoran opal-mining belt of New South Wales.
>The bone and enamel have been gradually replaced by opal - a 
>perfect replica in semi-precious stone.
>The molar teeth have four huge, rounded cusps. Each tooth 
>looks like a hot-cross bun, leading to the animal being 
>dubbed the kollikodon (from the ancient Greek word for bread 
>The kollikodon lived in the age of dinosaurs, when mammals 
>were rarley larger than mice. This find seems to have been 
>the size of an otter.
>The distinctive shape of its large crushing teeth suggest is 
>scoured rivers and streams.
>Tracing the ancestory of montremes, or egg-laying mammals, is 
>difficult because those which have survived are starkly 
>different to their ancestors.
>A fossil almost entirely comprised of teeth is another 
>headache for paleontologists.
>Games for the observant - see if you can pick the "disclaimer paragraph" 
>inserted to prevent the newspapers being inundated with a creationist 
>mail bomb campaign every time they infer an ancient age for the earth. 
>Censorship ? Nah !

Okay, I give up. Which is the "disclaimer paragraph"??