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Am too a subscriber; 2 addresses, both to the same Mac

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>>In a message dated 95-09-29 12:44:06 EDT, swf@ElSegundoCA.ATTGIS.COM (Stan
>>Friesen) writes:
>>> > shame we can't find 100,000 people on here that would be willing to
>>> > give $10 each....there is a million dollars
>>> > Louise
>>> >
>>>Well, one could at least *try*.  However one would need to add a few
>>>Usenet groups to the places you solicit.
>>>BTW, I can probably swing $50, maybe more.
>>Only problem I can see is the number of people who would be afraid to
>>contribute for fear that the attempt would only cause the person holding the
>>money to flee for South America....and what if we DON'T raise a million?
>> Does everyone get their money back or will it be understood that it can be
>>considered to be a contribution to further research.   I can probably swing
>>$50.....just   didn't want to make it too rich for the students and other
>>struggling people who read these things.
>>OK folks, lets hear from you all...an unofficial pledge drive.....if we did
>>do this...how would you suggest it be done and how much would you be willing
>>to contribute....or would it be a nice dream/thought with no real application
>>to REAL life?
>I'm in for $50.  Probably needs to be some sort of trust fund...