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Re: Dinosaurian Mating

Raptor RKC (Rachel Clark) writes:

>How do you think sauropods "did it"?

I think they gave it a lot of weight.

> Sex is not top on my list of things to ponder over,

Then you differ significantly from most other teenage girls :-)

>theropods, the males (possibly smaller than the females) may have gotten
>completely off of the ground and held on with all four limbs, or placed
>one leg across her back and one on the ground.  

A T. rex using his arms to hold on to his date during sex (Jim Farlow's idea)
is the best idea so far for the use of its arms.

>I still find it hard to see how ankylosaurs and stegosaurs did it.<<

Not clear, but it's certain that they always wore protection.

Achut Reddy                     So many fossils... so little time!