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Re: Tyrannosaurus rex and its youngsters

Raptor RKC (Rachel Clark) writes:

>>> One close relative of T. rex is the crocodile, which shows some parental
>care. Like the crocodile, T. rex laid eggs, probably in a hole in the ground
>dug out with its hind feet.  Unlike the crocodile, however, it is doubtful
>that it showed any parental care.  T. rex was such a fierce predator that it
>seems more likely that it would have been cannibalistic toward its young. <<

>How bad can you get?

You're right this is really bad!  However the worst thing is the false
statement that the crocodile is a close relative to T. rex.  It is not close
at all!  The crocodile is a sort of primitive uncle to all the dinosaurs,
but it cannot be said to be closer to T. rex than to any other dinosaur,
such as Brachiosaur.  And you are also correct that fierceness of an
animal is not an indicator of poor parental care.  That card is just
somebody's uninformed speculation.

> That is such a load of crock. 

Nice pun :-)

>IMHO, Tyrannosaurs were some of the greatest parents in the Cretaceous.
> Maybe even better parents than the herbivores.  

We don't have direct evidence of this.  As far as I know, no one has
yet found a T. rex nest.  But this is a reasonable conjecture.
Carnivores tend to be somewhat better parents than herbivores, based on
looking at modern mammals and birds.  Not only do carnivores have to
hunt food and bring it back to their babies, they also have to spend
time training them how to hunt when they get older.  Certainly today's
top predators (lions) have a high degree of parental care.

Achut Reddy                     So many fossils... so little time!