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In a message dated 95-10-04 21:18:12 EDT, steve.cole@genie.geis.com writes:

> If you have
>suggested improvements or changes, let me know. I'll finish the
>long version in another month and confer with the Sysop on what
>is the best thing to do with it. I know that just putting this together
>made some things 'jell' in my own mind.

I'll bet you get some choice responses from Tom Holtz(!).

Actually, my own booklet _Mesozoic Meanderings_ #2 is like your long form,
only down to the species level, and for all the non-crocodylian, non-avian
archosaurs. You mean you don't have a copy? The long-awaited (by me, at any
rate--and about 25 or so people who have paid back orders pending) third
printing will be available sometime this year--perhaps (I hope) even at the
SVP in Pittsburgh, if I don't get any more rush editing jobs this month.

Although I would take issue with where you've got some of the groups (like
Saurischia, for one), first of all go for completeness: Make sure you have
all the recognizable families. For example, under Sauropoda, we now have
Dicraeosauridae and Nemegtosauridae (I don't know why these are separated
from each other by Barrett & Upchurch, but apparently they are) as following
Diplodocidae. And you surely need Psittacosauridae under Ceratop[s]ia. Jim
Kirkland will revive the family Polacanthidae for his new ankylosaur
_Gastonia_ (see _Raptor Red_ by Bakker) as well as _Hoplitosaurus_ and
_Polacanthus_. And you want Huayangosauridae before Stegosauridae under
Stegosauria, although I call for two more families (Dacentruridae and
Kentrosauridae) there, too.

Another thing you could do is make sure the _order_ in which the subgroups
appear going down the tree corresponds to their phylogenetic order, that is,
to their position on the dinosaur cladogram you are modeling.

Anyway, now that you have something to work with, you can start updating it.
Save your first version; someday you'll want to compare it with your later