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Re: "Planet of Life" (comments)

In a message dated 95-10-04 02:47:29 EDT, DAVEH47@delphi.com (Dave
Hardenbrook) writes:

>Well, I watched the first Episode of _Planet of Life_ last night, and
>never since Carl Sagan's _Cosmos_ has a T.V. science show so riveted
>me to the set!  I never knew so much before about the origin of life,
>especially the arisal of the Eukaryotes resulting from a "peace 
>agreement" :) between rival bacteria forms ( were you taking notes, 
>United Nations? :) )!  And the computer graphics blew me away!!!  
>I think it's going to make me take up my long-neglected project for 
>a 3D object library of Prehistoric Animals...
>Does anyone know if this series will be weekly (my blasted cable guide 
>doesn't say!)?

We get our last chance (for a while, anyway) at the premiere episode of
_Planet of Life_ on Saturday (Oct 7) at 3pm, according to Buffalo's cable tv
guide. <<Check your own local listings; date and time may vary.>> Then
episode 2 will air Monday night (Oct 9) at 9pm and again, a few hours later,
in the wee hours of Tuesday (Oct 10) at something like 1am. There will be a
Saturday rerun of that episode as well. This pattern will apparently continue
until the series ends.