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Re: Pledge drive ? (was Sue and the president)

In a message dated 95-10-04 13:44:15 EDT, Tamira@aol.com writes:

>OK folks, lets hear from you all...an unofficial pledge drive.....if we did
>do this...how would you suggest it be done and how much would you be willing
>to contribute....or would it be a nice dream/thought with no real
>to REAL life?

In real life, unfortunately, I couldn't contribute a nickel. The government
steals ALL my discretionary income; perhaps you would care to try THEM first,
before coming to little old me?? (I'm not kidding; after I pay the bills, I'm
lucky if I have ten bucks left in my pocket at the end of the month.) Once
those boys wring out your pockets, it is to laugh to volunteer still more

G.O., living on the edge