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Re: Dino News Bits

> crossbreed between a Sauropod and a Theropod. If they were in the
> Triassic it would be obvious that they are a "sport" descendant of
> the theoretical 230mya SauroTheropod ancestor, but they show up in
> the late Cretaceous, 100+ million years too late for that. So they're
> a Sauropod who suddenly remembered the repressed genetic memories of
> some Theropod traits or a Theropod that (as Dr Holtz suggests)
> remembered the repressed genes of the Sauropods. Then again, STANG is

      Impossible.  No theropod ever had sauropod genes.  The closest they 
might have  would be the common ancestor of sauropods and theropods, but 
these would not be sauropod genes.  A theropod expressing sauropod genes 
would be about as likely as yuor children expressing the genes of your 
cousins children that came from his spouse.    

LN Jeff