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Re: Dino News Bits

>SPINOSAURUS: Ok, ok, we evil military types bombed the thing out of
>existence before you could get all of the info you would really have
>liked to have had. I'm sorry. So, and I may be confused here, but
>DUH, why doesn't someone just go dig up another one? I'm serious.
><smile> You know where the formation he came from was (Morocco, which
>happens to be a very happily pro-West country), so why hasn't some
>university ponied up the bucks to send a team out there looking for
>another one? Look how many T-rexes have been found after a very few
>teams started some serious searching. You really think that two or
>three teams spending two or three seasons out there couldn't turn one
>up? And another question. How come four different fossil dealers are

The original is from the Bahariya Formation in Egypt.  Dale Russell has done
what you said, and has indeed found new spinosaurid material in Morocco.  I
am REALLY looking forward to seeing it.

However, since the chances of any individual animal becoming a fossil are
vanishingly small, species which are rare or which lived in nondepositional
environments are unlikely to be found in the fossil record.

>just going to Morocco and looking for another one? And if the thing
>was destroyed, how come the teeth are that easy to identify? Or is
>someone passing off Megalosaurus teeth as Spinosaurus teeth? <grin>

Spinosaurus teeth are very distinctive, being one of the few examples of
conical teeth in a large theropod.

>PREDATORY HUNTING STYLES: The dissertation by Dr Holtz was a true joy
>to read, and contained valuable insights in this area. We are blessed
>by his counsel. Articles like this one (and the Cheetah article by
>Smith) make DinoList as good as any magazine. Indeed, maybe someone
>should publish a quarterly BEST OF DINONET journal? That would at
>least get around that problem of what is and isn't "published".

Well, a popular version of that paper will eventually go to the Dinosaur
Report, and technical version will be submitted to Paleobiology.

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