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Re: Re: An odd idea

>Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't they find fossilized evidence that
>veloceraptors or some derigation thereof, were fossilized in what appeared to
>be mortal combat with a triceratops or something that size.  

No, the case you are thinking of is the Mongolian "fighting dinosaurs",
which shows a jackal-sized Velociraptor in a death struggle with a sheep- or
hog-sized Protoceratops.

>Could T-rex have been stealing the kill of hunting packs of raptors, like
>todays African lions stealing the prey of hyenas?

Of course, and it probably did.  Tyrannosaurids were in a very good position
to bully away any other predator from its prey.  This doesn't mean that the
tyrannosaurids were themselves incapable of hunting, of course, much as
lions hunt when they can't get food from hyaenas (and vice versa).

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