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Pro-Tick Remedy(TM) *

A field tool for the roaming fossil hunter:
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Subject: Pro-Tick Remedy(TM) *
Author:  "C.M." <cmarlowe@wimsey.com> at smtp-fhu
Date:    29/9/1995 1:26 AM

    STONY POINT, N.Y., Sept. 28 /DevNewswire/ --  A new tool for safe
removal of ticks is so simple to use its been called almost intuitive by 
professional users and it's the smallest and easiest to carry personal tick 
remover yet developed, says Richard Gadd, who specializes in insect 
protection gear.
    The new stainless steel tool, a mere two inches long and shaped similar
to a popsicle stick, has no moving parts.  The design features a specially 
designed precision V slot in the forward end.  The slot uses a unique 
progressive taper to capture the tick by its mouth parts as the user slides 
it under the tick.  Once captured in the V the tick is restrained even after 
removal to allow for inspection and transfer of the tick to a container 
without touching it.  (Available at many stores for about $3. Contact SCS, 
LTD, 1-800-749-8425 for locations.)
    "Unlike the needle sharp tweezers required for tick removal," says
Richard Gadd, President of SCS, LTD a distributor of a wide range of 
tick/insect protection gear, "the new design of the Pro-Tick Remedy(TM) 
carries safely attached to your keys...making it immediately available." With 
tick bites occurring each year now numbering in the millions and disease 
transmission showing increased occurrences, the quick removal of a tick is 
your best response to minimize infection if you, a family member, or pet are 
    "There's no need to risk dangerous folk remedies anymore," says Gadd,
"most involved coating ticks with petroleum jelly, or burning them with hot 
match tips.  Besides not working well you waste valuable time during which 
infection could occur.  Because these methods irritate the tick it could
cause the tick to expel fluids into the wound that can contain disease agents."
    Now you just slide this new patented device under the tick and lift it
off.  Even professionals in the medical, veterinary, and outdoor fields 
prefer this product and say that it won't squeeze disease from ticks during 
    The Pro-Tick Remedy includes detailed instructions and a lifetime
guarantee.  Available at stores for about $3.  Contact SCS, LTD, P.O. Box 
573, Stony Point, NY 10980 -- 1-800-749-8425 for locations. Inquiries 
receive free tick information.

for Tickboy (aka Mike),