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>In a message dated 95-10-03 00:11:02 EDT, egood@vax7.curtin.EDU.AU writes:
>>I'm assuming that you are questioning the
>>gender type of the name _Minmi_, as rex is male, regina is female,etc?
>>Well, _Minmi_ is neither. Minmi Crossing is a town in central Queensland
>>where _Minmi_ was found.
>Right. But you should remember that the gender of the generic name need have
>nothing to do with the gender of the thing from which it derives. The
>"gender" is mainly a Latin grammatical convention.

It isn't even this simple (!??!). Both Minmi Crossing and Muttaburra, while
currently place names and the given derivation of the corresponding
dinosaur names, are originally derived from two different aboriginal
languages. From memory, Minmi is an ancestoral spirit of no fixed gender
but usually thought to be male and Muttaburra meand "meeting place at the
junction of two rivers". Exactly how tis effects the gender of the generic
and specific names, I don't know. Nor do I care! From a pragmatic view
point, a scientific binomial only has to be unique and all this navel
gazing about gender and correct Latin forms is becoming a load of

Cheers, Paul