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number of species of dinos

Peter Dodson originally made the estimate that there were no
more than 25 species of dinos alive at any one time.

If anyone wants the reference I will look it up and post it.

A simple check on the prossibility of this number being in
the right ball park comes from another doctrine -- that any
one species of dinos lasts  only for about 5 million years.
Given a total time span (the wh ole of the Mesozoic) of  185
million years, then the total number of dinos should come out
to 185 divided by 5 (millions of years) times 25 (species
at any one ti me) equals 925 total species in all.  If (as
I suggested) the real number is more like 100 species at any
one time, then the total number of speciess should be about

How many species were there in toto?  Anybody?


>From: David Brez Carlisle
bk090@Freenet Carleton.CA