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Re: "Planet of Life" (comments)

Dave Hardenbrook <DAVEH47@delphi.com> wrote:


>  And the computer graphics blew me away!!!

Just wait till next time. Especially _Anomalocaris_ and _Opabinia_ (but the
Ediacaran graphics suck). I wonder if they kept the part in with the
presenter and _Opabinia_, where _Opabinia_  . . . . but that would be
spoiling the surprise! However, by the end you will be wanting to buy half
a dozen _Opabinia_s for the fish tank and ditching the fish!


cnedin@geology.adelaide.edu.au                  nedin@ediacara.org
Many say it was a mistake to come down from the trees, some say
the move out of the oceans was a bad idea. Me, I say the stiffening
of the notochord in the Cambrian was where it all went wrong,
it was all downhill from there.