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Re: dino artocles

In a message dated 95-10-03 19:38:04 EDT, SPress@msn.com (Steven Press)

>I own a copy of The Bibliography of the Dinosauria put together by the
>of Western Colorado and I have one question about it.  This is probably a 
>stupid question, but how do I go about getting a copy of a certain paper? Do

>I have to contact the journal itself?  And if so, how?  I need help.  I fyou

>know the answer please E-mail me.

There's no easy way to get copies of papers. Certainly that journal can't
supply them. Go to your local large university library or natural history
museum library and see whether they carry the journals where the papers
appear or have copies of the books you want. If they do, fine; do what it
takes to make copies. If not, go to another large university library and
repeat this procedure. If you live in a big city, try your city or county
library, too. Try Interlibrary Loan. Once you've found that most of the
interesting papers are unavailable anywhere, try corresponding with people
and offer to trade copies of papers you have for copies that they have. Try
my pal Tracy Ford, also known as Dino-Hunter (tlford@ix.netcom.com), who has
made a career out of chasing down all the papers listed in Chure & McIntosh's
bibliography. He may be able to help, for a fee or for trades.