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Re: Re[2]: Trexie and whales..?! (fwd)

>Somewhere in the Tyrell (or so I heard from one of the guys at the 94 SVP)
>have a Chasmosaur (or other ceratopsian from one of their massive bone-beds)
>with a very deseased eyesocket.  It was so rotten while the animal was alive
>that the eye had rotted out of its head and it was eating away at the bones of
>the face.  This predator-fodder had no problems apparently staying with the
>herd, AND though stinky, wasn't killed by any scenting predators.  It took a
>river in flood to do it in.   Would that help determine just how tough
>ceratopsians were?

More likely this would determine how protective the herd is of the unfortunate.


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