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RE2: who preyed on Triceratops?

Rob Meyerson writes:

>The only problem with this idea is that the dromateosaur contemporary of=
> Triceratops was Dromateosaurus itself, an animal about the size of a=
> housecat.  Personally, in a battle between Dromateosaurus and the=
> elephant-sized Triceratops, I'll put my money on size:-)

Isn't that Dromaeosaurus?  Anyway, there may have been larger dromaeosaurs
present in Triceratopian territory that we haven't found yet -- maybe we've
found them already and I don't know it yet.  Either way, Dromaeosaurus still
could have preyed on Triceratops if they wanted to be a bit on the risky
side.  A pack of animals can usually bring down a larger animal equal to the
total weight of the pack.  In that case, how many Dromaeosaurae would you
need to kill a Triceratops?  :)  I doubt that Dromaeosaurus itself preyed on
ceratopians (or is that ceratopsians?).  There was plenty of other larger,
easier-to-kill game that could fill up the bellies of the un-abundant

>If any predator has the best chance against Triceratops, it will have to be=
> T. rex.  As to how rex may have hunted, perhaps it was a variation of the=
> scene in Jurassic Park; crouching out of sight, then bursting out at the=
> intended prey, inflicting a nasty wound, then backing off and waiting for=
> it to weaken enough so rex can move in and finish the Triceratops off=
> (certianly not a sight I'd like to see).  Any other ideas out there?

This is kind of like GSP's idea.  T. rex, or any tyrannosaurid in general,
would have a pretty good chance against a Triceratopian.  T. rex could
probably run quite quickly, MAYBE up to 45 miles per hour (maybe that's
unlikely, though) for short burst.  If it simply ambused the ceratopian herd,
and attacked one of the weaker or disabled members (don't all predators?), T.
rex would be able to easily kill a Triceratops.  Just run right up to it,
perhaps with its mate, and use its massive jaws to tear a meter+ flesh wound
out of the Triceratop's unprotected gut.  Then they could wake patiently for
the Triceratops to weaken -- and then they marsh in and start eating the
defenseless three-horn while it's still alive and dying!  I wouldn't mind
seeing such a scene -- the drama of nature, and predator and prey, is just SO

Greg Paul described how T. rex could kill a Tric thoroughly and descriptively
in his out-of-print book PREDATORY DINOSAURS OF THE WORLD.

Raptor RKC (Rachel Clark)