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Re[2]: Trexie and whales..?! (fwd)

     >A low mortality rate would be a very persuasive argument for 
>PREDATION in T.rex.  You may feast when you find a dead Triceratops, but 
>how long between meals?  I recognize how grossly uncertain trying to 
>calculate this sort of thing from the fossil record is, but does anyone 
>have any idea what sort of natural mortality rate Triceratops (and 
>duckbills) might have had, and how much meat this might have provided 
>for a T.rex population?
Somewhere in the Tyrell (or so I heard from one of the guys at the 94 SVP) they 
have a Chasmosaur (or other ceratopsian from one of their massive bone-beds) 
with a very deseased eyesocket.  It was so rotten while the animal was alive 
that the eye had rotted out of its head and it was eating away at the bones of 
the face.  This predator-fodder had no problems apparently staying with the 
herd, AND though stinky, wasn't killed by any scenting predators.  It took a 
river in flood to do it in.   Would that help determine just how tough 
ceratopsians were?

-Betty Cunningham