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Re: Re: Trexie and whales..?!

>> ... all ecosystems have a top predator ... If T. rex was not the top
>> predator, then who was?  To my knowledge, there is no information of the
>> possible existence of another large theropod ...
>  Um, careful, in many present ecosystems the top predator is quite small
>compared to the top herbivore. ( E.g., lion/African elephant, tiger/Indian
>elephant.)  If one were to model a late Cretaceous North American ecosystem
>on the present-day Serengeti, then the top predator might well be a
>lion-sized theropod that took gnu-sized adult herbivores and an occasional
>calf of something larger, while the _T._rex_es sat around eating road kill
>and playing tiddley-winks with _Triceratops_ in their spare time.

Actually, the top predator of the Serengeti is Homo sapiens (okay, lions &
hyaenas are good rivals), and said predator and its ancestors can regularly
take down elephant-sized prey.

H. sapiens has become the top predator elsehwere (due to migration), but
there has been a continuing presence of hominines in Africa for a couple of
million years.

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