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Re: An odd idea

> Something then occurred to me... perhaps dromaeosaurs were
>the primary predators that targeted ceratopians? After all,
>they were small enough & quick enough to get inside the
>animal's defenses in a way that something more massive
>couldn't hope to.

The only problem with this idea is that the dromateosaur contemporary of=
 Triceratops was Dromateosaurus itself, an animal about the size of a=
 housecat.  Personally, in a battle between Dromateosaurus and the=
 elephant-sized Triceratops, I'll put my money on size:-)

If any predator has the best chance against Triceratops, it will have to be=
 T. rex.  As to how rex may have hunted, perhaps it was a variation of the=
 scene in Jurassic Park; crouching out of sight, then bursting out at the=
 intended prey, inflicting a nasty wound, then backing off and waiting for=
 it to weaken enough so rex can move in and finish the Triceratops off=
 (certianly not a sight I'd like to see).  Any other ideas out there?


The pun is the lowest form of humor,
  --Unless you thought of it first!!!