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Re: A few more...

In a message dated 95-10-03 10:37:32 EDT, jdharris@lust.isem.smu.edu (Jerry
D. Harris) writes:

>        A third option, of course, is that while the fifth metatarsal
>remained small, but rather than re-elongating later, the other four digits
>shortened to the point where they were hardly longer than the fifth
>metatarsal.  This is actually a logical move, when moving towards a more
>graviportal pedal morphology (hence the very stubby phalanges in sauropod

Yes, this is a very good explanation of what happened with sauropod hind
feet, and also with the hind feet of certain ankylosaurs (such as
_Sauropelta_, which apparently retained at least a metatarsal V though
apparently no phalanges in that digit).