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Re: Re: Giganotosaurus

>As I remember the current rule, single letter differences are allowed.
>Homonymy must be exact to be forbidden.  Also, it is the *roman*
>alphabet spelling that matters, so Pro-toro-saurus = "before
>bull lizard" (with an first 'o' representing an omega, and

Ack.  Torosaurus does not mean "bull lizard" (that would be "Taurosaurus").
When Marsh named it, he refered to 'the great perforations of the frill,
from which it derives its name' (paraphrased, but close).  The name means
"Pierced lizard" or "perforated lizard" (from toreo).  Of course, Marsh was
probably aware of the punning nature of the name in Spanish, but the actual
etymology does not have anything to do with bulls.

This info from Ben Creisler, with thanks.

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