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Re: Poling and the FPA

>And further, why does it seem that there is such a
> strong vertebrate bias in the complaints, as anyone knows, the invert fauna
> provide a wealth of information that a Maiasaur could never.  And then there
> are the fossil plants.  There is such a strong interest in Animalia that no
> one ever cries "foul" when it comes to plant fossils.
> >
> >Having spent three days with a curator of paleobotany in the field studying
> Eocene plants, I can safely say that floral taphonomy tells a lot bigger
> story than most vertebrate fossils alone.

      Not about vertebrates they don't.  The total bulk of information 
might be bigger, but that makes the little bit of vertebrate material we 
do have just that much more precious.

LN Jeff