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Re: giganotosaurus (fwd)

> Except for "duckbill" I can't think of any "common" names for
> dinosaurs.  In this country we have puma, couger, mountain lion, panther,
> and some others I can't remember right now, and it's all the same animal;
> > Felis concolor <.

Err, I say that's _Puma concolor_, Bill (closer to _Panthera_ lineage than
_Felis_, as indicated by morphological and chromosome evidence. Furthermore,
fossils link _Puma_ with _Acinonyx_).


I briefly 'eyeballed' a copy of Mike 'spun crazily' Crichton's Lost World on
saturday. A few things:

-the resident dino-expert explains how apatosaurs held their necks horizontal
as a counterbalance to the tail ('long tail=long neck in a quadruped'), thus
resolving the fictional enigma of why the tops of the trees aren't being eaten.
Yet in JP, I'm sure you'll all remember that the apatosaurs ('Berman and
McIntosh had classified it a _Diplodocus_'. Really? ;-) have vertical necks (cf.
the Bakker book).

-I read the jeep attack bit. There, to my astonishment, Crichton uses the phrase
'spun crazily' AGAIN. I got fed up with that in the first book.. sheesh..

Who did the dino pictures on the endpapers?

"That 'hairball' is my son"