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new refs

        Here are a few new ones.  Only one of these is explicitly about 
dinos, but they all pertain to Mesozoic geology and/or paleoecology.

JT Acta palaeontologica polonica.
DA 1995 v 40 n 1
PG   45
AU Gambaryan, Peter P.
AU Kielan-Jaworowska, Zofia
TI Masticatory musculature of Asian taeniolabidoid multituberculate

JT China tourism.
DA JUL 01 1995 1995 n 180
PG   74
AU Yu, deshui
TI The Discovery of Dinosaur Egg Fossils in Henan Province

JT Warta geologi.
DA SEP 01 1994 v 20 n 5
PG  365
TI Cretaceous Environmental Change in East and South Asia

JT Warta geologi.
DA NOV 01 1994 v 20 n 6
PG  420
TI The Mesozoic in the eastern part of Indonesia.

JT Acta geologica hungarica
DA 1993 v 36 n 1
PG    3
AU Budai, T.
AU Voros, A.
TI The Middle Triassic events of the Transdanubian Central Range in the frame
 of the Alpine evolution.