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Re: parliament of rooks (fwd)

On 09/20/95 D.W.Naish wrote:

>Did you corvid-fans see the article on Ravens in American Scientist couple
>of months back? Juveniles in the chilly north make a living by hanging out
>in groups and, after a scout has located a carcass, can bully away any
>adults that have already 'claimed' it.

Bernd Heinrich wrote a wonderful book, _Ravens in Winter_, about this
behavior.  I highly recommend this to anyone interested in animal behavior
and the study thereof.  It's a lovely book, and captures the process of
scientific discovery better than anything else I've read.

~ Kiran

"Lobsters are fascinating beings with complex social interactions, long
 childhoods, and awkward adolescences.  Like humans, they flirt with one
 another and have even been seen walking 'claw-in-claw.'"--Mary Tyler Moore