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Re: Field Museum redux

At 12:47 PM 9/1/95, Ellin Beltz wrote:
>I live in Chicago.
>What amazes me about creationists in the DNA to Dinos exhibit is that it
>is expensive!  Even on "free days" there is a charge for the new exhibits
>like the one on Bats, etc.  Why do they pay to get in just to damage it?
>As far as the teaching of "creation science" or mentioning it in the
>classroom before or after evolution...  My personal opinion (and I expect
>to be flamed for it) is that --everything-- relating to evolution should
>be taught.  The arguments for and the arguments against (no matter how
>absurd) deserve a place in the dialog.  Censorship of ideas (no matter
>how absurd they are) is --wrong--.

        I don't think anyone on this server is in favor of public
censorship.  But not teaching creationism in public schools isn't a form of
censorship.  First of all, teaching a religion as potential fact in a state
institution is forbidden by the first amendment of the constitution.  If
that isn't enough, which creation do you teach? Biblical, Navajo, Hindu,
etc.?  Third, religious belief is not science.  If someone can come up w/ a
valid, testable hypothesis for creationism, maybe- but it has to follow the
same methodologies as the scientific process.  We don't give equal time to
alchemy in chemistry courses, nor do we allow alternitives to teaching
gravitational physics ("God's sticky fingers, etc.").  Religion already has
its own teaching institutions, thery're called churches.

Jason J. Head
Dept. of Geological Sciences
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, Tx. 75275