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Re: High speed rocks and strange notes.

>In a message dated 95-09-01 00:14:32 EDT, skshow@Rt66.com writes:
>>More on the subject (I think), I also had a chance to visit the Field Museum
>>Natural History's "DNA to Dinosaurs Exhibit".  Well worth the price of 
>>admission, but I was concerned with some things I saw there.  At each major 
>>"station" there was a place to submit questions and these were posted on a 
>>board nearby.  The majority of the notes said something to the effect "This
>>is all a lie, read the Bible for the truth!".  I am curious whether this is
>>common thing, or was I following a bus group of Creationists?
>This is a common thing. The general public in the United States has become a
>pack of blithering idiots. You should see some of the visitors' comments at
>Dinosaur National Monument. Dan Chure wants to collect them into book form.

   I visted the OSU Geological Museum yesterday, and came into the tail end
of two paleontologists talking about creationism in paleontology.  The one
gentleman was doing research into claims by creationists.  Apparently part
of his research centered on claims by one creationist "scientist" that are
based on claims by, of all people, Robert T. Bakker!

   According to this gentleman, under the governorship of Slick Willie a law
was passed in Arkansas requiring creationism be taught alongside
evolution"ism" in the science classroom (it was repealed recently).

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