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Re: High speed rocks and strange notes.

At 12:11 AM 9/1/95, skshow@Rt66.com wrote:
>More on the subject (I think), I also had a chance to visit the Field
>Museum of
>Natural History's "DNA to Dinosaurs Exhibit".  Well worth the price of
>admission, but I was concerned with some things I saw there.  At each major
>"station" there was a place to submit questions and these were posted on a
>board nearby.  The majority of the notes said something to the effect "This is
>all a lie, read the Bible for the truth!".  I am curious whether this is a
>common thing, or was I following a bus group of Creationists?

        I don't think it's that uncommon, sad to say -- people seem
increasingly wont to be told what to believe than to want to think for
themselves.  >>>SIGH<<<  Anyway, that isn't the 1st time I've heard of the
Field Museum's exhibit suffering such ignominy:  a friend outside Chicago
told me that a few weeks after it opened, some creationists somehow managed
to get into the Triassic diorama there and spray painted a number of
creationists/anti-evolutionist slogans around the display.  i've not been
able to verify that, though -- anyone else have some info?  And why does
the Field Museum not post more security?  Or have they?

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