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Re: High speed rocks and strange notes.

>Date: Thu, 31 Aug 1995 06:53:06
>To: Dinogeorge@aol.com
>From: Warren Raddatz <wraddatz@wheel.dcn.davis.ca.us>
>Subject: Re: High speed rocks and strange notes.
>At 12:23 AM 9/1/95 -0400, you wrote:
>>>board nearby.  The majority of the notes said something to the effect "This
>>>is all a lie, read the Bible for the truth!".  I am curious whether this is
>>>common thing, or was I following a bus group of Creationists?
>>This is a common thing. The general public in the United States has become a
>>pack of blithering idiots. You should see some of the visitors' comments at
>>Dinosaur National Monument. Dan Chure wants to collect them into book form.
>What I love is how they cling to the phrase "the THEORY of evolution"
Evolution is of course a fact.  The theories come in on explaining how it
works.  I was very disapointed when my biology professor, at the very end of
his course expounded on the "creationist" theory. He was retireing that
simester, so I didn't make waves but I'm always suprised when someone
trained in the sciences can cling to such foolishness.  If you get Discover
magazine there is a wonderful article on students counting the ribs of male
and female skeletons and discovering they have the same number (normally).
>From the Scientific point of View,
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