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Four Extinction Theories for a Song

At the end of the Spring semester there was a request from a reader of 
the list for a song related to extinction theories. The following can be 
used when introducing the idea that one or more of several theories 
might account for the demise of non-avian dinosaurs.

        Riddle at the K-T Boundary
   (to the tune of "Red River Valley")

At the end of the late, great Cretaceous
All the dinosaurs vanished, I hear.
What's the reason behind their extinction?
What could make all of them disappear?

Some believe that volcanic eruptions
Or a meteor impact is why--
That the dust these disasters created
Blocked the life-giving sun from the sky.

There are those who believe that the weather
Slowly changed, getting cool by degrees.
And still others believe that the culprit
Is a dino-specific disease!

Was it one of these reasons or many?
No one knows, but this one thing is clear.
Dinosaurs were magnificent creatures
And successful for millions of years!

(repeat last two lines, more slowly but slightly louder)


(For those who came in late: The lyrics to this song and others posted 
earlier to this list are sung to tunes in the public domain. Publication 
rights of the lyrics are reserved by Amado Narvaez. Permission is granted 
for use in non-profit performances and around campfires, on car trips, etc.)

And to all the educators on the list -- primary, secondary and higher -- 
including museum docents -- Here's to a rewarding and successful year!

----- Amado Narvaez