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Re: Blood flow in Sauropods

I am not sure what "I don't see" why sauropods would rear up means. There
were enormous, redwood size conifers in the Mesozoic too big for even
sauropods to fell. It is always an advantage to be able to reach large floral
resources. All sauropods, not just diplodocids, and stegosaurs were better
adapted for rearing than elephants. Even a Diplodocus that, as Ken has shown,
could flex its neck upwards could get to even more food by rearing up.
Alexander has shown that sauropods were strong enough to stand on two legs. I
have yet to see any evidence that sauropods & stegosaurs failed to take
advantage of their obvious adap
tations to stand up and feed. (That sauropods often lived in habitats where
ferns were most common means as much as giraffes living in areas where grass
is most common.) Sure, we cannot prove sauropods were semi-bipedal, but by
the same token we cannot prove that T rex ate other dinosaurs. The evidence
for both is very good though.