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Dinos and trees

Dinosaurs and pterosaurs both originated as robin-sized bipeds in a world
full of 20-foot Triassic land crocs.  Both would have benefited greatly by a
speedy escape, but that would have been useless if they didn't see the
predators coming.  

They were just the right size and had the right anatomical bits and pieces to
leap onto and climb tree trunks, thus affording a better view of their
territory.  Like modern frilled lizards, basal pteros and dinos might have
spent a great amount of time in trees, and only occassionally descended to
eat or defend territory.

The larger dinos forsook the trees.  _Archaeopteryx_ and its tiny ancestors
(i.e. _Protoavis_) may have never left.

Hats off to Shine and Lambeck and also to G. Olshevsky!

David Peters