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Re[2]: Blood flow in Sauropods

     What if we find sauropod footprints like this?
     ( )                       ( )
              ( )  
                     ( )
     Aren't okapi in the same family as Giraffes?
     Horse foals graze with the same stance, but this is more due to the 
     short neck that hasn't caught up with leg length, yet.
     Betty Cunningham
     (bettyc@flyinggoat.com in the studio)

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Subject: Re: Blood flow in Sauropods
Author:  aol.com!GSP1954
Originator: dinosaur@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu at nssi
Date:    9/7/95 2:22 PM

Actually, the spred legging of drinking giraffes may not have to do with 
blood pressure problems. I have seen film of Okapi with short necks drinking 
the same way!
Most sauropods probably had a giraffe-like neck set up, in which the neck was 
strongly flexed up at the base, and bringing the head down to drink was 
difficult (perhaps some sauropods spread of flexed their forelegs). If so 
then some means of keeping BP in the brain from soaring to extreme levels was 
necessary, but its nature will probably never be known.