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Advertisement: The DinoStore

   Just an update.  Battat's catalog has not yet arrived, nor has Safari's.
After contacting both companies I suspect they were lost by the post office.
I'm already a week past my September 1 opening date because of those bozos
at the post office ... now it's getting worse.

   In any case, since I have not been able to place my order for the Battat
dinosaur figures yet, I do not yet have prices for the figures.  However, I
have completed my price list for SkullDuggery products.

   If you would like to see this list, send a request via e-mail.  Specify
text, hypertext with in-line images, or hypertext without in-line images
(hypertext must be viewed with a web browser).  ALso specify whether you
want the list sent as message text or as an attachment.

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