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Re: South African Dinos

In a message dated 95-09-07 11:38:27 EDT, bervoets@nrc.nl (Fred Bervoets)

>Would it also  meen that Euskelosaurus lived troughout the Hettangian, Early

>Jurassic, instead of being a Carnian-Norian, Late Triassic animal?

210 Ma is at the top of the Norian, according to Harland et al. 8-10 meters
tall is quite large for _Euskelosaurus_, unless some reporter mixed up its
"length" figures with "height" figures. BCF predicts large, sauropod-size
phytodinosaurs in the Triassic, so I'd like them to be the bigger size--and
if they had pentadactyl pedes, so much the better.