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Re: South African Dinos

>Dinosaur fossils found in S.African park
>    JOHANNESBURG, Sept 6 (Reuter) - Fossils of dinosaurs which stood eight to
>10 metres (26 to 33 ft) high and dating back about 210 million years have been
>discovered in South Africa's Kruger National Park, the National Parks Board
>said on Wednesday.
Is there more information about this?

>    The board said in a statement the fossils, of the herbivore Euskelosaurus,
>were discovered by a game ranger in the north of the park.
>    ''They lived about 210 million years ago and developed from the Prosouropod
>family. They were approximately eight to 10 metres (26 to 33 feet) tall with a
>long tail, big body and small head,'' the statement said.

Would that be the first Euskelosaurus find after Huene's "Plateosauravus" in 
Would it also  meen that Euskelosaurus lived troughout the Hettangian, Early 
Jurassic, instead of being a Carnian-Norian, Late Triassic animal?

With regards

Fred Bervoets