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Dinosaur Art

I thought I would let everyone know the Dinosaur Art and Modeling Web Site 
has been up dated. I have a couple of new Dinosaur kits displayed as well as 
source sites from Skullduggery and Saurian Studios. I'm very pleased to 
present the art of Betty Cunningham and Michael Rothman. The work of both of 
these artists is of the highest quality. I would also like to again request 
anyone interested in displaying their models and/or art, to please contact 
me. at my e-mail listed in my closure.

The web site address is


I hope I got it right this time.


John Rafert M.S.,R.T.(R)
Associate Professor of Radiologic Sciences
office phone: 1.317.274.5255
fax number: 1.317.274.4074