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Well, that's geomorphology out of the way! Gee it's good to be back and reading
all those inane postings...

I have an abstract from JVP by Smith in which a preliminary analysis of jaw
movement (presumably proal) in _Oviraptor_ _proves_ herbivory in these
theropods. Question is, is this one of those abstracts never ever followed up
by a full blown paper? Anybody know? (Especially you theropod-gurus).
Incidentally, the Ency. Britt. Micropedia, under _Oviraptor_, reprints a photo
of the original _O. philoceratops_ specimen - thorax, arms and all. I've also
just seen an old lithograph of _Archaeopteryx_ in which fine feathers around the
tibiae are drawn. Mail me if you really need the ref.

Please mail me Martin, I've lost your e-mail address (ahh - that explains it).

"Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold"  (need more Star Wars quotes I know)
"A man who keeps company with glaciers comes to feel tolerably insignificant by
and by"

DARREN 'jersey devils here I come' NAISH
(only 2 little raptors left!!)