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Re: Books

At 1:10 PM 9/5/95, Ralph Chapman wrote:
> I noticed in Catalog #72 (Fall 95) for Watkins Natural History Books
> two special items. #106 - Hatcher, Marsh & Lull - The Ceratopsia. 1907
> in good plus shape for $235.00 and #391, Marsh (1880) Odontornithes
> also in very good or better shape for $250. Happily, I've managed to
> accumulate both in my travels. Call AFTER 4PM EST at (518) 568-2280.

        In case anyone else is interested, Hatcher's ceratopsain volume has
been recently reprinted; I have an address for it (it costs $65, if I
recall).  I haven't ordered it myself -- what, you think grad students have
money?  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA -- so I'm not sure if even the reprint
is in print, but I'll give the info to anyone willing to try.  8-)

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