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Blood flow in Sauropods

Hi people,

I recently learned that Giraffes have special valves in their necks to
prevent excess blood pressure, in their heads, when they bend down to drink.
This made me wonder if Sauropods had similar mechanisms, especially in the
larger varieties. Then I asked myself how we could detemine if this was true
or no. Also, I wonderd if they would lower their entire body as opposed to
Giraffes spead-legged stance.

Has Ray McAllister left us? I've lost his e-mail add. and need to "talk" to
him. Since I haven't heard anything from him in a couple months I am worried
that he may be ill. If someone can help me in this matter I would be very

And, on a lighter note; Don't we love chain letters and gonzo posting to the
list from those that don't give a rat's femur!  :-) Maybe the fireballs and
or aliens are forcing them to do this. Then again it could be that they have
transfered their souls to cyber states, and are above the law. Could it be
they have found a new religion involving mass postings to all lists, and feel
the "spirit" to act without regard to the outcome. I know, they are
expressing the politics of absurdity, as per example of our current
"statesmen"(?). Don't get too upset with me folks, I am trying to deal with
the recent postings as lightheartedly as I can.

Roger A. Stephenson