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couple o' refs and a note

 Was in the NMNH library looking up two references by Marsh on
 ceratopsians from the American Journal of Science in 1890 and
 noticed that the AJS copies I was reading were once owned, and
 presumably read by Charles Walcott.  Made me smile...

 Two quickies on auxillary beasts but i found them interesting...

 Howse, S.C.B. & A.R. Milner. 1995. The pterodactyloids from the Purbeck
    Limestone Formation of Dorset. Bull. Natural History Museum, London,
    (Geology)  51(1):73-88.

 Notes 3 distinct taxa occur, one referred to "Ornithocheirus" sp. A with
 not much material, and two ctenochasmatids. The first, Gnathosaurus
 macrurus is a redescription of Seeley's Pterodactylus macrurus. The second,
 also with not much material but with a nice reconstruction and a neato
 flat snout, Plataleorhynchus streptophorodon. Nice alpha paper.

 The other paper is  a neat functional morphology paper on bats that I
 would suggest all those interested in birds and flying reptiles look at.

 Hassanloo, Z., M.B. Fenton, J.D. DeLaurier and J.L. Eger. Fur increases
    the parasite drag for flying bats. Canadian J. Zoology (1995)

 Notes that fur really causes a drag problem and, aerodynamically, bats
 would be better off with it. It's only its other uses (e.g., thermoregulation
 communication, etc) that probably keeps the bats from evolving it out
 altogether. Neat stuff

 That's it, Ralph Chapman, NMNH