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Re: High speed rocks and strange notes.

>More on the subject (I think), I also had a chance to visit the Field Museum
>Natural History's "DNA to Dinosaurs Exhibit".  Well worth the price of 
>admission, but I was concerned with some things I saw there.  At each major 
>"station" there was a place to submit questions and these were posted on a 
>board nearby.  The majority of the notes said something to the effect "This
>all a lie, read the Bible for the truth!".  I am curious whether this is a 
>common thing, or was I following a bus group of Creationists?

Sadly, your too choices are not mutally exclusive: you may have been
followed by a bus load of Creationists, which is a common thing...

On a related note: anyone else see adds for some "paranormal" show on which
they had an 'arkeologist' pointing to a doubly-plunging anticline, and
calling it the Ark?

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