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I'm here again

Hi, girls and boys! I have come back after a"somewhat"succesful field work at L
as Hoyas fossil site, and my vacation (the first one after three years).
We didn't found any new bird this year, but we found the left hand of _Pelecani
mimus polyodon_ (we had the right one). That was very well!
I agree with Dinogeorge about the dental plates. They are present in several pr
imitive crocodiles and crocodile-like archosaurs. So this character can't be us
ed as a synapomorphy between Segnosauria and anything else, because it is primi
tive for Dinosauria.
Actually, the only ornithomimosaur with some kind of horn-like structures is _P
elecanimimus polyodon_, with two small lachrymal dorsal projections. I also tho
ugh that _Garudimimus_ had nasal projections, but H. Osmolska, from Varsovia (o
ne of the world authorities on maniraptorans, and who described _Gallimimus bul
latus_) told me that those nasal structures were an artifact of preservation.
And that's all, folks!

Bernardino P. Perez-Moreno
Unidad de Paleontologia
Departamento de Biologia
Facultad de Ciencias
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
28049 - Madrid