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re: Garudimimus

Peter Buchholz said in the dinosaur digest 554 dated Thu,31 Aug 1995:

>In "Predatory Dinosaurs of the World" and a number of other
>popular books of the late eighties, _Garudimimus_ was depicted with
>a small horn (or two?) that was sutuated on the top of the skull that
>points backwards.
>    In "The Dinosauria", _Garudimimus_ has no horn and no mention
>is made in the text about a horn or any mistaken beliefs about a
    >So... did it or didn't it?

In my book (Guide complet des dinosaures), I've a picture of the skull
of Garudimimus. I can see that he has a sort of outgrowth above
his large sockets. It is supposed that this dinosaur had a horn
(or more likely a crest) on the top of his skull, but there is no evidence.
Skull of Garudimimus:

    ,__----`____________        (   ) orbit
  /   (   ) (     >     o)        o  naris
  )___ ----------------          ` outgrowth
                                 (   > anorbital fenestra
I have no further informations.
Maybe somebody else can give you more details.
I hope my reply is correct,

          Diana Fucci (dino-fan)