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> In a message dated 95-09-04 18:22:27 EDT, head@lust.isem.smu.edu (Jason Head)
> writes:
> >       I hate to even suggest it, fellow server members, but has the time
> >come to regulate some of the crap that is posted on this server??  Anyone's
> >opinion on dinosaurs and topics that pertain to them should be welcome, but
> >the "ooze" posting and now this chain-letter garbage has got to go!!!  


> >If there isn't regulation, then I ask that those on this
> >server who feel compelled to post chain-letters and other forms of
> >electronic guano, please go pester and annoy another server!!

Unfortunately, both of these annoying posters aren't members of this 
list.  So requesting that they go away won't make much difference as a)
they don't read the list abd b) it won't stop the next spammer.

If it is technically possible to restrict posting rights to 
the list to those who have subscribed then that may be the solution.
This does mean that the occasional person with a one time dinosaur 
related question is being disadvantaged because of a few idiots though.

> I hate to revive a bitter thread that has recently gone dormant, but both
> Ooze and Chain Letter originated with AOL (my own internet gateway, alas)...

In both cases I e-mailed the poster and the postmaster at AOL.  For 
what it's worth, until these two it had been three or four months since 
the last time I needed to do this.

The Admin people at AOL do seem to try very hard to avoid these incidences
but they don't always succeed.  They do need ot be informed though, so 
they can take steps to avoid these situations in future.

Please try [*] to be polite though, no matter how frustrated you may feel.

--- Derek

[*] You don't have to succeed, sometimes that's just a bit too much to ask.